•    Never Leave Home Again, CD. Deborah de Graaff, Leah Lock, John Martin, Sydney: THREE BRACELET PRODUCTIONS 94504 47232, 2012


•    Our Favourites, Celebrating 30 Years Of ABC Classic Fm  2 CDS    

ABC Classics, ABC 472 672-2, 2010


•    Wind Energy, CD. Deborah de Graaff, Diana Doherty, Leah Lock, Kris Spike, 


http://www.joshuatreemusic.com.au/wind-energy-cd.html, 2009 *


•    Cherry Ripe, CD. Arcadia Lane Orchestra, Deborah de Graaff - clarinet obligati No 11 Par amar abbiamo il core (Aria Polacca)

2:17 Deborah Riedel, Richard Bonynge, MELBA  MR301118, 2008


•    Music From The Great Interviews CD DISC 3. Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115: 3. Andantino.  ABC Classics, ABC 840462, 23 December, 2008


•    A Time for Passion, CD. Deborah de Graaff, Leah Lock, Sally-Anne Russell, Kristopher Spike, JOSHUA TREE MUSIC        

http://www.joshuatreemusic.com.au/a-time-for-passion-cd.html, 2007*    


•    Enchanted Winds, CD. Kristopher Spike, Deborah de Graaff, Leah Lock, JOSHUA TREE MUSIC    

http://www.joshuatreemusic.com.au/enchanted-winds-cd.html, 2005 *


•    Lennox Berkeley, CD. Schirmer Ensemble, Deborah de Graaff, 

NAXOS 8.557324, 2005


•    Complete Brahms for Clarinet, CD. ABC CLASSICS 341818, 2002 *

‘Deborah de Graaff imbues these works with her own style and expression, bringing to life these wonderful works with the help of pianist Len Vorster, cellist Georg Pederson and members of the Mozart Piano Quartet’   review Brahms ABC 2002


•    The Rose of the Bay, CD. Deborah de Graff, Lauris Elms, David Miller, composer Derek Strahan    Re-issued Revolve RDS-003, October 2002


•    Ulpirra, CD. WALSINGHAM CLASSICS     WAL80172, 2001 *


•    Music Cares for Cancer, CD. Recorded live, Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Deborah de Graaff, Richard Bonynge, SYDNEY ADVENTIST HOSPITAL, 1999


•    A Clarinet Collection, CD. - re issued WALSINGHAM CLASSICS 

WAL80172, 1994


•    A Clarinet Collection, CD. - self funded, 1994


•    The Rose of the Bay, CD. Deborah de Graff, Lauris Elms, David Miller, composer Derek Strahan    Revolve RDS-003, 1987


•    The Amadeus Wind Players of Sydney, LP. 2 MBS FM, c1985

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