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Since her PhD about elite instrumental practice strategies, Deborah has published several papers on the subjects of identifying pitch errors and their sources, developed a Note-Time Playing Path and is currently completing a paper on Thematic coding of elite players practice and will soon publish material on her Model of Elite Practice 

PhD Thesis UNSW 2014 (Link Here)

de Graaff, D. L. E. (2014). Practice strategies of an elite instrumental performer: A case study under test conditions, comparing quantitative data to coded Think Aloud and interview. (Doctoral PhD), UNSW, University of New South Wales.   

•    de Graaff, D. L. E., & Schubert, E. (2016). Pitch Error Coding The Sight Read, Practice, and Performance of an Elite Oboist: Developing a Protocol Based on the Serial Distance Hypothesis, Implication-Realization Model, and Schema Theory. Music Perception

•    de Graaff, D. L. E., & Schubert, E. (2010). Analysing playing using the Note-Time Playing Path. Behavioural Research Methods. Retrieved from  doi:10.3758/s13428-010-0041-0


•    de Graaff, D. L. E. (2015, 7-9 December 2015). Engaging and Motivating Students of Music: Applying the Model of Elite Practice Phase 1. Paper presented at the 2nd Conference of the Australian Music & Psychology Society AMPS 2015: The Art and Science of Music, Western Sydney University, Parramatta.


•    Too many attentional demands of the elite performer require the sacrifice of a skill. MPPP (Music Perception Performance Research Day), Speed Paper Presented, 8 May 2012

•    Analysing Practice Behaviour and Cognition:  The Method of Note-Time Playing Path, Paper Presented at ICOMCS, 2008



•    Expert Music Practice. Presentation on PhD research investigating quantitatively the way expert musicians practice to achieve virtuoso performance. Duet with Robot from UNSW Physics department. The duet is an arrangement of the allegro from Tartini's concertino for clarinet (arranged by Phil Green).     August 2008

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